Like Rogerio said,
Parrots don′t cover the walls of tall buildings in Brazil.
They cover the wall of a single building in S?o Paulo.


The palace of parrots…


Crazy uh?
At a first glance, it might look like you said, “a building decoration”. But those are actual birds massed on the building (in italian we call them white-eyed parakeet).
This is happening in the eastern part of S?o Paulo, Brazil, the bricks of building what is known as the "Prédio das maritacas" have been attracting hundreds of parrots every day for twenty-five years.


This behaviour could be related to the phenomenon of geophagy: in nature these birds consume small amounts of clay with the double purpose of
1.reducing the harmfulness of certain foods (in particular, studies show a 60% reduction in the toxicity of the alkaloid quinidine, contained in plant) and…
2.…as a supplement of their diet. (EDIT: Don’t miss Lena Kurschev comment below she is showing this phenomen with some very nice pics)
However, in an urban environment they have opted to find what they need more conveniently by licking clay from the surface of the bricks.

2.作為他們飲食的補充(編輯:不要錯過Lena Kurschev下面的評論,她用一些非常漂亮的照片展示了這一現象)

Other hypotheses suggest that the structure of this particular building allows many parrots to stop for a break and find shelter at the same time, in harmony with their social instincts; or, even, they use it to rub their beaks in order to sharpen them.

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A pretty sight to see perhaps, but it is sad to think that they are there because their natural environment has probably been slowly wiped out due to human expansion.