Krishnan Unni Madathil
This might have been so in the past; but is there any denying that the current round of needless hostilities were set off by the unprovoked attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas? What were they expecting in return? Flower bouquets and tickets to Disneyland?
The current clash has upxed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for Gen Z, and this time, the Israelis are on a surprisingly strong track when it comes to gathering public support. More notable is the quickly waning support for Hamas, who have gambled away all goodwill they had on a big one, and are left supported only by their hardcore brainwashed supporters across the world.
The world is seeing pretty clearly between delusion and steady-headedness this time.
The responsibility for the safety and security of the people of Gaza has been shifted to Israel as well. Let’s remember that Hamas was the elected government of Gaza. How responsible is it of them to gamble away their people’s security this way?

過去可能是這樣的,但難道當前這輪不必要的敵對行動不是哈馬斯對以色列平民的無端攻擊引發的嗎?他們期望得到什么回報?花束和迪士尼樂園門票嗎? 這次沖突已經為Z世代更新了以色列-巴勒斯坦沖突,而這一次,以色列在爭取公眾支持方面取得了出人意料的強勁表現。更值得注意的是,哈馬斯迅速減少的支持率,他們在一次大舉行動中賭掉了他們所擁有的所有好意,現在只剩下全球范圍內被洗腦的核心支持者支持他們。 這一次,世界看得很清楚,區分了妄想和沉著冷靜。 加上責任的轉移,即加沙人民的安全和保障已經轉移到了以色列身上。讓我們記住,哈馬斯是加沙的選民政府。他們這樣冒險,把他們的人民安全賭掉,這是多么不負責任???