The breakthrough that allowed an initial group of foreign nationals, including US citizens, to depart Gaza on Wednesday came together after weeks of intensive, multi-party diplomatic efforts, sources familiar with the negotiations told CNN.
The agreement to allow foreign passport holders and a group of critically injured civilians to depart through the Rafah border crossing was reached on Tuesday, prior to the Israeli forces’ bombing of Gaza’s largest refugee camp.
Qatar, which coordinated with the United States, was the key broker of the deal between Israel, Egypt, and Hamas, according to sources familiar with the talks.

據熟悉談判的消息人士告訴CNN,經過數周的密集、多方面的外交努力,包括美國公民在內的第一批外國人于周三離開加沙地帶的突破取得了成功。允許持有外國護照和一群重傷平民通過拉法走廊邊境離開的協議是在以色列軍隊轟炸加沙最大難民營之前于周二達成的。 據熟悉談判的消息人士稱,協調與美國合作的卡塔爾是以色列、埃及和哈馬斯之間達成協議的關鍵經紀人。

The development was hailed as a critical first step in getting thousands of foreign nationals out of the war-torn strip as Israel intensifies its military operations there. Though US officials have stressed that the situation remains fluid, they have expressed optimism that hundreds more will be able to depart in the coming days.
The negotiations were consistently described as immensely complicated, and the breakthrough came after “intense and urgent American diplomacy with our partners in the region,” President Joe Biden said Wednesday.
Negotiators had to contend with Hamas’ control of the Gaza strip, Israel’s blockade and bombing, as well as Egyptian security concerns.

這一進展被譽為使數千名外國公民脫離戰亂地帶的關鍵第一步,同時以色列加大了對該地區的軍事行動。盡管美國官員強調局勢仍然不確定,但他們對未來幾天有數百人能夠離開表示樂觀。 談判被一致描述為極其復雜,而這一突破是在“美國與地區合作伙伴進行了緊張而迫切的外交”之后取得的,喬·拜登總統在周三表示。 談判代表們不得不應對哈馬斯對加沙地帶的控制、以色列的封鎖和轟炸,以及埃及的安全問題。

Leading up to Wednesday, there had been a number of moments where US officials thought they would be able to get the Americans out, and the State Department had advised Americans to consider making their way toward the crossing. Those ultimately fell through, leading to frustration, fear, and confusion for the hundreds of US citizens trapped in Gaza.
US officials, led by Ambassador David Satterfield, engaged in on-the-ground diplomacy in both Israel and Egypt, but relied on partner countries to communicate with Hamas.
“We’re dealing with Israel, Egypt, and Hamas, and we’re not talking directly to Hamas, Egypt can send messages to Hamas, Qatar can send messages to Hamas. But you can imagine how difficult every little thing is, every bit of this is complicated,” a State Department spokesperson said last week.

在周三之前的一段時間里,美國官員曾多次認為他們能夠將美國人帶離該地區,國務院曾建議美國人考慮前往邊境口岸。然而,這些努力最終沒有成功,導致被困在加沙地帶的數百名美國公民感到失望、恐懼和困惑。美國官員,由大使大衛·薩特菲爾德領導,在以色列和埃及進行了現場外交活動,但依賴于合作伙伴國家與哈馬斯進行溝通。 “我們正在處理以色列、埃及和哈馬斯,我們并沒有直接與哈馬斯對話,埃及可以向哈馬斯傳達信息,卡塔爾也可以向哈馬斯傳達信息。但你可以想象每一個小事情有多么困難,這一切都很復雜?!眹鴦赵喊l言人上周表示。

At the outset of the negotiations, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi insisted that humanitarian aid make its way into Gaza before Egypt would consider letting civilians depart. Egypt had also made clear they would not accept a flood of refugees.
Since Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, Egyptian officials have expressed serious concerns about a scenario where Palestinians in Gaza are permanently displaced to Egypt. That anxiety had been a major complicating factor, as negotiations in part centered around Hamas’ request to allow wounded Palestinians to leave Gaza, two sources familiar said.


Hamas insisted that wounded Palestinians be able to leave alongside foreign nationals. Notably, the group wanted some of its own fighters to be included in the group of injured allowed into Egypt – a demand that was rejected, a senior US official said.
However, the US supported allowing injured civilians to depart and seek medical care, and a significant part of the US’s diplomatic efforts focused on convincing Israel to accept a list of wounded people that could leave, the official said.

哈馬斯堅持要求受傷的巴勒斯坦人能夠與外國公民一起離開。值得注意的是,該組織希望將一些自己的戰斗人員包括在被允許進入埃及的受傷人員名單中,但這一要求被拒絕,一位美國高級官員表示。 然而,美國支持允許受傷平民離開并尋求醫療救治,美國的外交努力的一個重要部分是努力說服以色列接受可以離開的受傷人員名單,這位官員表示。

Concerns about Palestinian displacement was a topic of discussion for Biden and Sisi – the leaders agreed that it was important to ensure that “Palestinians in Gaza are not displaced to Egypt or any other nation,” the White House said over the weekend.
As negotiations progressed and aid trucks were able to cross into Gaza, Egypt became a more cooperative player. According to one source, Egyptian officials had asked US officials for lists of American citizens and relatives who are seeking to leave Gaza. Miller said Wednesday that Cairo had “agreed to the transit people through Rafah some number of weeks ago, and it’s taken this long to actually make it a reality.”

對于巴勒斯坦人流離失所的擔憂是拜登和塞西討論的話題之一,兩位領導人都認為重要的是確?!凹由车陌屠账固谷瞬粫麟x到埃及或其他任何國家”,白宮上周末表示。 隨著談判的進展和援助卡車能夠進入加沙地帶,埃及成為一個更具合作性的參與者。據一位消息人士透露,埃及官員曾要求美國官員提供試圖離開加沙的美國公民和他們的親屬名單。米勒在周三表示,開羅“幾周前同意通過拉法赫(邊境口岸)轉運人員,但實際上花了這么長時間才將其變為現實”。

It was Hamas, according to US officials, that was obstructing any movement. State Department spokesperson Matt Miller said last week that “at times, Hamas has had no one there manning the border station,” and “at other times, we have seen Hamas militants actively there with guns preventing people from approaching the crossing.”
National security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that Hamas had been “making a series of demands” to allow departures but would not go into details.
Still, over the weekend, a deal looked to be within reach. Biden again got on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sisi on Sunday to discuss the details of a possible agreement deal, officials told CNN.

根據美國官員的說法,哈馬斯是阻礙任何行動的一方。國務院發言人馬特·米勒上周表示,“有時候,哈馬斯沒有人在那里管理邊境站”,“另一些時候,我們看到哈馬斯激進分子帶著槍積極地阻止人們接近過境點?!?國家安全顧問杰克·沙利文周日表示,哈馬斯一直在“提出一系列要求”以允許離開,但不愿透露詳細信息。 然而,整個周末,一項協議似乎即將達成。官員告訴CNN,拜登周日再次與以色列總理本雅明·內塔尼亞胡和塞西進行了電話交流,討論可能協議的細節。
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On Monday, Secretary of State Antony blxen spoke by phone with his Qatari counterpart Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and strongly pressed him to push Hamas to accept the deal.
And it was the next day that the US “got to the point where we were able to feel confident that we could get American citizens out,” Miller said Wednesday.
The Hamas-controlled border authority is overseeing the departure of civilians through the Rafah gate on the Gaza side, as they did prior to the attack on October 7.
Approximately 400 American citizens and their family members – about 1,000 people total – are stuck in Gaza and are seeking to leave, as well as approximately 5,000 other foreign nationals, blxen said on Tuesday.
Biden said Wednesday that as many as 1,000 more foreign nationals could depart soon via the Rafah crossing.

周一,國務卿安東尼·布林肯與卡塔爾的對應方穆罕默德·本·阿卜杜勒拉赫曼·賽義德進行了電話交談,并強烈敦促他推動哈馬斯接受協議。 米勒周三表示,就在第二天,美國“已經到了我們能夠確信我們可以讓美國公民離開的地步”。 哈馬斯控制的邊境管理機構正在負責通過加沙一側的拉法赫口岸安排平民離開,就像在10月7日襲擊之前一樣。 布林肯周二表示,大約有400名美國公民及其家屬(總共約1000人)被滯留在加沙,并尋求離開,還有大約5000名其他外國公民。 拜登周三表示,最多還會有1000名外國公民通過拉法赫過境口岸很快離開。