As an Australian myself, I am amazed that other Australians have the audacity to complain about our winters.


We don't even manage to get below 10 degrees sometimes, while other countries deal with day after day of -8 in winter, buried in 3 feet of snow, while some nights manage to get to -17! We have it pretty damn mild, yet I always hear from people who whinge about the so-called "cold". How about a better choice of words? "It's so mild today, or it's not very warm today" would be more suited to our climate. Even Melbourne, which has a reputation for being a very grey and "cold" city, has only ever reached a low of -2. Just measly. Compare that to the low of -33 in Chicago... what are we whinging about?


I also can't believe some Australians run their heater non stop in the winter months. Don't you feel guilty, considering it's generally still double figures outside? Where I live, we are lucky if we ever get anything below 14 degrees.


On top of all of this, I'd rather a proper snowy winter. The heat waves that Australia has experienced this summer and the constant days above 35 degrees have made me wish even more for a colder than average winter. Unfortunately we have to resort to the Alpine regions to get that in this country.