I have young kids and we look for any reason to celebrate a special day and make good memories. My husband bought some year of the dragon stuff and is getting excited about celebrating with the kids. My concern is that we are taking the fun bits of the holiday that we don't have a culture basis for or connection to and just using it to have a good time. My husband thinks it's fine because it's exposing our kids to a new culture in a fun way. I hope he is correct but I have no idea and a bit of a tenuous grasp on what is ok or not. So, is this cultural appropriation?
Edit: Thanks for the replies everyone! I know it may seem ridiculous for some that I asked but since having kids I've tried to check myself to be sure I'm not raising them with outdated ideas. I don't want to accidentally send asshole adults into the world because of my own ignorance.
Lots of great ideas here. We have a book about the holiday that they are familiar with and I found a dragon dance happening about an hour from us that we will go to.