The US says it is “deeply troubled” by the West African nation’s anti-gay legislation


Lawmakers in Ghana have unanimously approved a bill criminalizing homosexual activity, despite warnings from Western governments including the US and France.
The Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, also known as the Anti-Gay Bill, was passed by parliament on Wednesday, three years after it was first introduced in 2021, and now requires the signature of President Nana Akufo-Addo.


If the head of state approves the law, anyone identifying as LGBTQ will face up to three years in prison. The measure also criminalizes gay rights advocacy, with a maximum five-year jail term for establishing or funding LGBTQ groups.


“After three long years, we have finally passed the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Act,” member of parliament Sam George, one of the lead sponsors of the bill, wrote on X (formerly Twitter).“Our values would be protected and defended so long as we have a voice,” he added.

“經過漫長的三年,我們終于通過了《人權、性權利和家庭價值觀法案》,”該法案的主要發起人之一、國會議員薩姆·喬治(Sam George)在X(以前的Twitter)上寫道?!爸灰覀冇邪l言權,我們的價值觀就會得到保護和捍衛,”他補充說。

Critics of the bill, including Audrey Gadzekpo, the Board Chair of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), claim it violates human rights guaranteed under the country’s constitution.
The legislation has also drawn condemnation from abroad. In a statement on Wednesday, the US said it is “deeply troubled” by the lawmakers’ decision, which “would threaten all Ghanaians’ constitutionally protected freedoms of speech, press, and assembly.”
The anti-gay bill is “inconsistent” with the former British colony’s tradition of tolerance, peace, and respect for human rights, which has long served as a model for countries around the world, Washington said.

包括加納民主發展中心(CDD-Ghana)董事會主席奧黛麗·加澤克波(Audrey Gadzekpo)在內的批評人士稱,該法案侵犯了加納憲法保障的人權。這項立法也招致了國外的譴責。在周三的一份聲明中,美國表示對立法者的決定“深感不安”,這“將威脅到所有加納人受憲法保護的言論、新聞和集會自由”。華盛頓說,這項反同性戀法案與這個前英國殖民地寬容、和平和尊重人權的傳統“不一致”,這一傳統長期以來一直是世界各國的榜樣。

“The United States echoes the call by those Ghanaians who have urged a review of the constitutionality of the bill to protect the rights of all individuals in Ghana,” the statement added.
A similar law was passed in Uganda last May, making it illegal to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. In response, Washington imposed travel restrictions on the East African country’s officials, and expelled the country from the African Growth and Opportunity Act, a duty-free program that had allowed Kampala to export goods to the US for many years.

聲明還說:“美國響應加納人的呼吁,他們敦促對該法案的合憲性進行審查,以保護加納所有人的權利?!?br /> 去年5月,烏干達通過了一項類似的法律,規定女同性戀、男同性戀、雙性戀、變性人或酷兒是非法的。作為回應,華盛頓對這個東非國家的官員實施了旅行限制,并將該國從《非洲增長與機會法案》(African Growth and Opportunity Act)中驅逐出去?!斗侵拊鲩L與機會法案》是一項免稅計劃,多年來允許坎帕拉向美國出口商品。

Ghanaian MP Sam George has previously warned Washington not to interfere with efforts to pass the anti-gay bill. He has said that unlike Uganda, Ghana will retaliate if the US imposes sanctions on lawmakers.
Ghana is one of more than 30 African countries that have prohibited same-sex relationships. Last year, French Minister of International Partnerships Chrysoula Zacharopoulou asked the continent to follow the lead of the West in protecting gay rights.

加納國會議員薩姆·喬治此前曾警告華盛頓不要干涉通過反同性戀法案的努力。他表示,與烏干達不同,如果美國對議員實施制裁,加納將進行報復。加納是禁止同性關系的30多個非洲國家之一。去年,法國國際合作部長Chrysoula Zacharopoulou要求歐洲大陸跟隨西方的領導,保護同性戀權利。